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Disobedience to illegitimate BOTH PARENTS
Bukhari narrated in Kitaab etiquette of the road radi Bakrah Abi 'anhu, has said: The Messenger of Allaah' alaihi wa sallam.
"Meaning: I Sukakah let kpdmu as big as most major sin, three times (he repeated.) Friend said, 'Well, ya Allah', said the Prophet. "Associating anything with Allah, and the ungodly go for both parents, and the mark, and false witness and lying words. So the Prophet always megulangi, "And the false testimony", so we said, "I hope the Prophet silent" [Hadith Bukhari 3/151-152-Fath Baari 5 / 261 No. 2654, and Muslims 87]
From the hadith on the collapsible note that most major sin after Shirk is great uququl walidain (kepda ungodly both parents). In another narration the Prophet alaihi wa sallam said that among the major sins are associating partners with Allah, disobedience go for both parents, to kill himself, and perjury [Bukhari in Fath Baari 11/555]. Then among the major sins is the most major one for both parents cursed [Hadith Bukhari History]
From Mughirah bin Syu'bah radi 'anhu that the Prophet alaihi wa sallam said.
"Meaning: Verily God forbid for you, disobedience to her mother and refused obligation, and potatoes have rights, and killing the child alive, and God hates you a lot of talk, and asked so many wasted possessions (spending lavishly)" [Hadith Bukhari (Fath Baari No. 10/405. 5975) Muslim, no. 1715 912)]
This hadith is one of the hadith inhibitory beruntuk a rebellious child go for his parents. One child wrote that he was insubordinate beruntuk ill go to heaven with ungodly reason his parents go for, as the Prophet peace 'alaihi wa sallam said.
"Meaning: From Abu Darda bahwasa Prophet alaihi wa sallam said," No problem child go to heaven ungodly, pe, immunization, wine (liquor) and do-reject qadar "[Hadith Ahmad History 6 / 441 and in Hasankan by Al Lineage-Albani in Saheeh Hadith 675]
Among the forms of disobedience (uquq) is:
[1] Causing disruption of either parent words (speech) or the designation of the parents wrote memuntuk sad and hurt.
[2] Say 'ah' and non-parents meet the call.
[3] yell or scold parents.
[4] curmudgeonly, ill-care of older people even more interested in another reply from the care of parents when parents really need. Had provide any, made with the full calculation.
[5] frowned and scowled before parents, lowering their parents, say stupid, 'archaic' and others.
[6] Telling the parents, for example brushing, washing or preparing food. The work is not worth one for parents, especially if they are old or weak. But if 'The Mother "is doing the will of its own with all right and that child krn hrs grateful.
[7] Calling a parent ugliness before the crowd or defame parents.
[8] Entering into the house kemungkaran instruments eg, smoking, etc..
[9] Put kpd devout wife of the parents. There are even some people with heart to expel the mother for her willingness to obey. Na'udzubillah.
[10] Ashamed to admit their parents. Some people feel embarrassed with the presence of parents and a place to stay when social status increases. No doubt, this attitude is very deplorable attitude, even including violent lawlessness and abject reply.
It includes all forms of lawlessness go for both parents. By krn hrs that we be careful and distinguish between the said and the two beruntuk kpd kpd parents with other people.
As a result of the ungodly go for both parents will be felt in the world. In reply hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari in Adabul simplex, Abu Daud and Tirmidhi from Abu Bakrah friends say.
"Meaning: From Abi Bakrah radi 'anhu said that the Prophet alaihi wa sallam said," There is no sin God wrote adzab kpd cepatkan actors in this world and God will also hereafter mengadzab the first reply zhalim is valid, the two decided Hospitality "[ Bukhari hadith in Adabul simplex (simplex No. Adabul Saheeh. 23), Abu Dawood (4902), Tirmidhi (2511), Ibn Majah (4211). Ahmad 5 / 36 & 38, Hakim 2 / 356 & 4/162-163, Tirmidhi said, "Hasan Sahih Hadith", said Al-Hakim, 'Sahih Sanadnya ", Imam Dzahabi agreed]
In another hadith says.
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